Yorkshire Saying Wrapping Paper Mardy Bum

Yorkshire Saying Wrapping Paper Mardy Bum

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We have many sayings in Yorkshire that anywhere else in the world, they mean nothing to people. One such saying is Mardy Bum, made famous by the world renowned music band The Arctic Monkeys back in the noughties.

The truth is, the saying has been around for a lot longer and describes an individual who is known to fall in a state of mood changes quite easily.  Its quite often used in Yorkshire as a term for banter and to spark a reaction in someone.

This gift wrap is therefore perfect for a friend or mate who fits that description perfectly.

You will receive 2 sheets of A3 wrapping paper that will be enough to cover a small package such as mug box or slightly larger gift.   The paper is 300gsm matte, which means it is much stronger than the gift wrappings your are probably use to. The wrapping will be posted by Royal Mail and in the UK should be with you between 3-5 days.