Yorkshire saying coaster, Sheffield sayings, Sheffield slang drink mat, be reyt, nah then, chuffin ell, flipping eck, Mary bum, bloody ell

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Yorkshire coaster - Yorkshire slang colourful hand typography on a lilac background.

The coasters bring a smile to your face and have a choice of one of Sheffield's favourite sayings.

Our Coasters are:

3.5"/9cm square with rounded corners
Heat resistant
Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Made in Sheffield

You can buy them separately or choose any 4, 6 or all 8.

You can choose from
Be Reyt
Mardy Bum
Nah Then
Flipping Eck
Bloody Ell
Chuffin Ell
Reyt Good

Handmade item

Materials: Cork

Made to order