a 4" x 6" postcard featuring hand lettered script saying just breathe highlighted in blue and green on an old plaster background with a red grid

Just Breathe Postcard

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A fantastic way to brighten up a friends mood by sending one of our brightly coloured postcards.

These motivational postcards are a great way to perk up your friend who my be feeling down or blue. Or who may just need that little bit of inspiration to see them through a task and know that someone is thinking of them. 

They may be taking exams, a driving test, doing a sporting event or simply having a job interview.

An original illustration by Pixie Drew 

6"x4" postcard size

Printed on 250gsm stock with silky finish

The reverse has the space for an address, stamp and personal message.

Posted in a card envelope

Posted within 24 hours by Royal Mail