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Doll sticker sheet with 3 dolls and 6 pale pink stars.

Nancy and Jasper

Nancy the Blythe doll with hazel eyes, blue hair and wearing a green dress with an apple on it, orange tights and blue shoes and holding her blue rabbit Jasper.

Hope and Jeremy

Hope with green eyes, ginger hair and wearing a pink teddy bear hat, a short red dress, striped tights and pink shoes and holding her Bear Jeremy.

Poppy and Fred

Poppy has long pink plaited hair, blue eyes and is wearing a red jumper with blue denim dungarees and is holding her bear Fred.

Each Doll stickers is 9cm x 4cm/5cm and the stars are between 1cm to 2cm.

The sticker is matt vinyl and just peels from the backing, you can reposition carefully.

Printed on matte white vinyl with hp ink.

they are not waterproof.

Posted in a card envelope.

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