3 framed prints on a white table with a pink wall behind, blue haired Blythe doll Nancy and Jasper, a pink haired Blythe doll, poppy with her bear Fred, Hope with ginger hair and a pink hat and her bear Jeremy
Many and jasper frame print, blue haired Blythe doll with her pet blue rabbit
Blythe doll prints
Hope and Jeremy illustration, hope is a Blythe doll and is wearing a red dress with stripes socks and pink shoes and is holding her bear behind her back and he is just peaking around her legs
Blythe doll prints
Blythe doll prints
Blythe doll prints

Blythe doll prints

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My Blythe doll illustrations are A4 in size and come as a set of three or you can buy them individually.

There is a choice of :

Nancy and Jasper

Nancy the Blythe doll with blue hair wearing a green dress with an apple on it, orange tights and blue shoes and holding her blue rabbit Jasper.

Hope and Jeremy

Hope with ginger hair wearing a pink teddy bear hat, a short red dress, striped tights and pink shoes and holding her Bear Jeremy.

Poppy and Fred

Poppy has long pink plaited hair and is wearing a red jumper with blue denim dungarees and is holding her bear Fred.


They would make an ideal gift for you or friends and family who love Blythe dolls or would be ideal for a Childs birthday.

Printed on A4 220 gsm matte archival paper.

Printed to order in my home studio with quality inks.

Posted in a biodegradable cello wrapper and A4 card backed envelope