COVID-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy

Our steps to protect our workers and our customers

 Who Should go to work

 Objective: Protecting people who are at high risk and people who need to self-isolate.

Our staff are currently working from home or remotely with access to remote systems.

We engage with staff on an ongoing basis, monitoring staff well-being. inclusive of their welfare, mental and physical health and personal security

 Social distancing at work

 Objective: To maintain social distancing wherever possible, on arrival and departure and to enable handwashing upon arrival.

 Site arrival times are staggered to ensure 2m distance can be achieved.

Workers use sanitising stations on arrival to site and obey any specific site rules.

 Moving around buildings and worksites

Objective: To maintain social distancing wherever possible, while people travel through the workplace.

Only essential trips will be made around site, utilising one way systems to maintain 2m distancing.


 Objective: To maintain social distancing between individuals when they are at their workstations or place of normal work.

Employees use their own workstations and are cleaned regularly on a daily basis.

Hand sanitiser is available at all work activity stations.


Objective: To reduce transmission due to face-to-face meetings and maintain social distancing in meetings.

All meetings are held at 2m safe distance and with good ventilation.  Where necessary, meetings will be held remotely utilising technology.

Common Areas

Objective: To maintain social distancing while using common areas.

Break times will be staggered and where possible outdoor areas will be utilised.

Use of reconfigured seating that enables 2m safe distance and reduced face to face interaction.

Accidents, Security and other incidents

Objective: To prioritise safety during incidents.

Our accident and emergency policies have been updated inline with 2m distance guidelines.

Manage Contacts

Objective: To minimise the number of unnecessary visits to the worksite.

Where possible, raw materials have ordered in bulk to minimise visits to site.

Pixie Drew operate a drop off zone policy to ensure no contact is made with incoming materials.  All items are stored for 75 hours in a remote location and sanitized prior to use.

Providing and explaining available guidance.

Objective: To make sure people understand what they need to do to maintain safety.

Employees are made aware of the guidance on social distancing.

Employees are advised to observe and obey any notice, instruction or verbal advice given with regard to social distancing measures on site.

Keeping the Workplace Clean

Objective: To keep the workplace clean and prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces.

Cleaning of the workplace using existing cleaning products following the completion of work activity.

Hygiene- hand washing, sanitation facilities and toilets

Objective: To help everyone keep good hygiene through the working day.

Employees are advised to obey and follow all signs and notices with regard to hand sanitation and good hygiene

Handling Equipment and materials.

Objective: To reduce transmission through contact with objects that come into the workplace and vehicles at work sites.

Personal Protective Equipment

Relevant PPE to the task at hand will be supplied and used. 

Safety shoes, high visibility clothing, gloves and face masks where required.

Employers will support their workers in using face coverings safely if they choose to wear one and supply relevant guidance