Children's Book Illustration

Children's book illustration has always been a dream of mine and it got to become reality with this lovely story written by Aisley Leeman about a little baby T-rex who is looking for his family.

If you too have a story you would like bringing to life with bright a bold illustrations please get in touch.

You are invited to join Baby Tyrannosaur on his Jurassic quest of discovery, as he tries to find his lost family.
After an egg is stolen from its nest, Baby Tyrannosaur hatches to find himself all alone, his parents nowhere to be seen.
Hungry and upset, the little dinosaur sets off in search of home, meeting a handful of interesting characters along the way. The question is, will anyone be willing to help Baby Tyrannosaur or will his family's fearful reputation squash all hope of him finding his herd?
"Where's My Herd?" is a fun-filled, exciting story that is certain to be enjoyed by children and parents/guardians alike. A bouncy flow and catchy rhyming allows for a fantastic reading and listening experience and use of clever repetition, throughout, helps the younger audience to memorise and really engage with the adventure.
A feel-good story, complimented by beautiful illustrations, to be enjoyed at any time of the day (or night!) with an underlying emphesis on the true importance of helping others in need; a valuable lesson for growing minds.
Recommended audience age from 3 to 8 years (but certainly not restricted to).