About Us

Hi, I'm Pixie the illustrator and creator of fun themed greetings cards, wrapping paper, postcards, coffee mugs, clothing and lots of colourful goodies.

I  live in Sheffield, in the UK and have four boys and two doggies and I love to draw.  I love things that stand out, which is why my designs are always bright and fun 😀

Pixie of Pixie Drew

I started Pixie Drew several years ago, just by placing my art on POD sites to see if it would sell and it didi!

I always have ideas buzzing in my head and I just have to get them down on paper. While I still draw with a pencil and colour with prisma pencil crayons occasionally, I now mostly use my iPad and Apple Pencil.

The buzz for me is having an idea and bringing it to fruition on a finished product, It really makes me smile.

I make all my products in my studio and can foward them direct to someone special if you need that service.



I also have an extensive range of gifts for sale online @pixiedrew.com

Thank you for your visit and please feel free to leave us any feedback, PIXIE <3