About Our Pixie

Hi, I'm Pixie artist and creator of fun themed gifts.  I  live in Sheffield, have four boys and two doggies and I love to draw.  I love things that stand out, which is why my designs are always bright just like my hair which is either coloured pink or blue 😀

Pixie is my nickname and my husband gave it to me 30 years ago. He is good at creating nicknames, he has a knack for it and they usually suit peoples persona which is why they generally stick.

Sheffield slang be ret pin badge gift

I started Pixie Drew several years ago, just by placing my art on POD sites to see if it would sell.  It really all started because my husband encouraged me to take the plunge.  When the boys were young, I attended pre School playgroup with my youngest.  My Hubbie was always amazed how I would get the boys ready for School and in the space of 10mins come up with a craft idea to entertain the little ones at playgroup. Straight out of my head.  He would always say,

"you should do that as a job"

11 years later, here I am.

I have put my designs on t shirts, sneakers, mobile phone cases and even skateboards and have sold them all over the world. When my boys started leaving for University it was time to take my art to another level and I created Pixie Drew.

I always have ideas buzzing in my head and I just have to get them down on paper. While I still draw with a pencil and colour with prisma crayons, moreover now, I use my iPad and Ipen

The buzz for me is having an idea and bringing it to fruition on a finished product. I love the playing on words and creating pun cards and mugs.  It really makes me smile and particularly when someone picks up a product, reads it, then chuckles to themselves when they get the joke.

I make all my products, which means I can customise them if someone needs something special. I have an extensive range of gifts, all customisable and personalised from greetings cards, gift mugs to t shirts and sweat shirts to my novelty gift wrapping paper.  It's a one stop shop when you think about it.

I also provide a private commission service for portraits of people and pets and my repertoire also extends to designing book covers and characters for children's books.  In 2020, I aim to write and illustrate my first children's book.


My gifts are for sale in lots of different outlets as detailed below, but hit the blue message button and you can talk to me direct.


The Showroom Cinema, Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1



Our Handmade Collective, The Grand Arcade, Leeds Centre


West Studios, Chesterfield College


The Bean Hive, 58 High Street, Keetering, NN16 8SX 

Online at:

My full range of designs and cards are available online here:


Thank you for your visit and please feel free to leave us any feedback, PIXIE