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The trials and tribulations of being your own boss.  I think this month, I could write a colourful essay on this subject with both massive highs and frustrating points.

When you work for your self you basically have to be able to turn your hands to most business tasks.  Product development, production department, packager, office admin, sundry purchaser, accountant and I could go on and on.

I can pretty much cope with the majority of those things and Mr Pixie who has been a business man all his working life, is always on hand to dig me out of a hole. Alas, one thing that does frazzle my brain is technology and in particular computers and printers.  I illustrate and print things, its a big part of my business.  

So when your trusty Mac decides its fed up of carrying 10 tonnes of images around in its memory bank and is on a go slow, whilst at the same time all your printers decide that enough is enough and they are ready for a new filter and service please, and go on strike, It kind of gets a little frustrating.

As negative as that might become, you have to march on regardless.  Mr P. is very good at pointing out the rationale of business life and the fact that things wear out and there is the necessity to budget to replace things on an ongoing basis.

So it's kinda good to have somone in your corner really, to turn those negative thoughts around into a positive vibe and get you reenergised and motivated.

Feeling Polly Positive, I reached out to my followers on Facebook to have a straw poll on their thoughts about a range of postcards that you could stick on your wall or Fridge.  I got a massive response back with loads of suggestions and ideas, particularly from a good friend and customer Holly Crosby.

So here are some of  my new collection of positive postcards.


They are great for yourself, or to send to a friend who may have got a troublesome time ahead.  Perhaps they may have a driving test, job interview or examinations. 

Whatever the problem, its always good to know someone is in your corner and rooting for you.

Have a great month

Pixie xxx

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