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Dateline March 20th

With everything going on in the world with the Corona virus, I sense a lot of fear and panic with people just not knowing what is going on or going to happen. I have underlying health issues, so I am also worried.

When negative thoughts crop into my head,  I try and keep myself busy. I have four boys, albeit grown up, so I know when they where at home, as children, it was extremely hard to keep them entertained, busy and occupied. Right now, it's probably more stress than  a young family can cope with.

So, I wondered what I could do to help.  I had a brainwave, how do I keep myself busy and at the same time keep my brain free of negativity.  I love drawing, what better way than to doodle away and create some #free downloads that families can have to give to their children and give them something fun to do.

I could make a new set every few days and give them different themes with something for the kids to look forward to.

So, I created my first download with a monster theme and if you go to the home page or type into the search box freebie it will take you right there.  All free, nothing to pay.

Times are tough so we all have to come together as a community.

Oh and they are not just for kids, adults can do them too.

I hope they help you and please KEEP SAFE

Love Pixie  xxxx 

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