If you dont ask, you dont get, creating new designs for 2019

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I am often asked, how do I come up with all my new designs?  I feel mostly creative at night when I am relaxing. That gets my mind wandering and usually something has been brewing in the old brain box all day.

For example, early on in the month I had the word "Piggin" floating in my head.  I thought that I could use this as a phrase as an alternative to swearing. So, I drew a Pig and created a birthday card. 

Sometimes new products come from customer requests. For instance, after seeing my Piggin Birthday Card on the Pixie Drew Facebook page, someone asked if I could create a Chinese New Year card, for the Year of the Pig.  It didn't take me long to come up with a design that they loved.  Now I have sold quite a few of those cards.

With Valentines day fast approaching, I decided to develop some new quirky cards.  Once again I used my little piggy design by creating  a "I Piggin Love You" valentines card. 

The idea of two people fitting together as a couple always amuses me. In 2018 my "You are the Biscuit to my Mug of tea" was a really popular valentines day card.  So I decided to play around with that idea and I got, "You are the Jam to my Toast" 


Continuing on the request theme, I have picked up my first wholesale order from a shop in Kettering.  After seeing my greetings cards and mugs on Instagram, they have asked if I could create some special designs. So I came up with a "Cock Womble" mug as well as two new naughty sweary mugs they asked for.

Finally, someone asked me if I could produce postcards and use my "Be Reyt" designs from my mugs and drinks coasters.  I was happy to oblige and they were really happy with them.

This set my noggin off in creative mode and I came up some new motivational post cards. 

So, If you have something in mind, don't be afraid to ask me, you can contact me on the new messenger button to your bottom right.  Or alternatively drop me a line on my Facebook or Instagram pages.

I will be able to create a design for you and it won't cost you the earth. 

Remember, that old Sheffield saying "If tha dunt ask, tha waint get!"

I hope you all had a great January and roll on Springtime

Pixie xxx

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