Collaboration on My Favourite Hobby - A Time For Grace

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I am extremely pleased to announce the completion of a new product service that I am now offering, illustrated book covers.

In November, I was attending a networking event run by The Firm Networking in Sheffield.  I was having breakfast with a few of the ladies that attend, when Laura started telling us all about the novel she had just completed.   Laura had wanted to write from an early age, however, like most of us, Laura had fell onto the treadmill of life and got stuck in doing the necessary things, like getting a proper job, rather than following her heart. 

It was so refreshing to hear that Laura had decided to follow her passion.  Have the determination to take the plunge and write a novel and for once not be shaped by convention.

Laura's story struck a chord with me, I love drawing and I also love reading, it is my favourite de-stressor. I immediately offered to help Laura develop a book jacket. This would be great as it would give me a chance to use my newly purchased iPad Pro using an apple pencil on the procreate program.   

The Apple pencil was really weird at first, mainly because all my life I have drawn with pencils and paper.  So, it took a long time for me to get a handle on how to use the system. It was really fantastic though, you can enlarge the image to put lots of detail to it and then reduce it to the normal size.  There are so many different types of pencil that you can use, colours, thickness, transparency and tones. The bonus ball being, if you make a mistake or if there is something  that you don't like, you can undo it and start again.  I really love using it.

The whole project probably took me a couple of weeks to complete, but this was made up of doing several hours here and there.  It was great as it was more like therapy than work.   

Laura was also a breeze to work with and having read a copy of the book, it was great for inspiration for the final illustration through getting to know the characters. By the way, the book was fantastic, it tells a great story and having read it, you would think Laura had been doing it professionally for years.

The book goes on sale on the 5th January via a download on Kindle and as a physical book to purchase.   As soon as I have more details, I will forward them on to you all.

So, another string to the Pixie Drew bow.  I hope you all like it and if you know anyone who needs a book cover designing, then please send them my way.

Happy New Year 2019

Love Pixie xxx

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